slide_3_fvrFire-resistant blinds are a great solution for various buildings, protecting against the spread of fire and separating rooms with higher fire risk. These blinds are durable and fit into tight places as their vertical opening mechanism means that the doors take little space. According to their fire-resistance properties, these blinds are classified as non-flammable and fire-sealing doors.

Properties of blinds

  • EF® blinds are made of special fabric consisting of glass fibre and steel threads (grey in colour).
  • The blinds have safety devices that keep the blind securely between the guide panels.
  • The door panes and the shaft are made of hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • The doors have a 230 V drive with an emergency brake and extra switches.
  • The door’s opening speed is 2-10 cm/s, depending on the door’s dimensions.
  • In an emergency, the door closes with the speed of 12 cm/s.
  • The blinds provide maximum fire safety through an optically triggered alarm siren, switches for an automatic fire alarm system, outputs for up to 12 smoke detectors, an alarm switch in a glass case, at least 2 smoke detectors, an emergency power supply and other equipment.
  • The doors have an electric drive, available also as a fast drive (opening speed 1 m/s, closing speed 0.5 m/s).
  • Special fire safety blinds are available for welding companies, to separate the welding room (heat resistance up to 5,000°C, electric drive 0.7 kW, opening and closing speed 10 cm/s).

Safety and certificates

Fire-resistant blinds conform to the  E30, 60 and 120 class fire safety requirements of AT-15-6264/2004.

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