W-300-tihend2Dock seals are used together with dock levellers. The dock seal surrounds the loading dock’s opening and its purpose is to make loading and unloading works more secure.

Need for a dock seal

A dock seal is an important element of the loading area:

  • Safety – a dock seal reduces the distance between the building and the vehicle, thus it also reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Energy savings – a dock seal protects against the weather, keeping the interior rooms sealed against air pollution, precipitation, wind and cold. It also reduces heat losses.
  • Security – dock seals have markings, making it easier for a truck driver to back into the seal opening.
  • Protection – using loading seals can prevent unauthorised entry into the warehouse.
  • Long-term investment – dock seals are durable and make loading operations smoother, ensuring an overall positive effect to work flow.

Various dock seals

Our product range includes 3 types of dock seals:

  • W-500 series curtain-type seals – this is a cost-effective and universal dock seal, available with various frames:
    • folding steel frame;
    • folding aluminium frame;
    • stationary frame.
  • W-300 series inflatable frame – unique flexibility for optimum sealing. Inflatable walls ensure maximum sealing with the vehicle’s sides, keeping the warehouse temperature under control.
  • T-1000 series pad seal – this is a suitable dock seal for warehouses with highly controlled environment and strict energy efficiency requirements. The pad seal closes tightly around the vehicle and even the smallest openings are sealed up.

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