Lifting doors are the most common type used as garage doors for residences and also as industrial doors and rollup doors. A lifting door’s design makes it easy to use and significantly space-saving as it opens horizontally.

Our product range includes 3 types of lifting doors:

Why lifting doors?

Lifting doors are a convenient and practical solution for large door openings. A lifting door is high-quality and durable, providing security and also good thermal insulation. A lifting door takes little space because it opens inward, sliding up against the ceiling. Automation makes opening the door a simple matter of pushing a button.

The lifting door’s flexible design makes it easy to adapt to the customer’s needs. You can choose among various lifting mechanisms, door materials, windows and other elements. You can also have a pass door inside the lifting door; this extends the lifting door’s service life and saves electricity.

Lifting doors are suitable as home garage doors, for industrial buildings and for business outfits. All doors are made to customers’ dimensions and special wishes.

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