Dock levellers are used in industrial companies, for example in logistics centres, warehouses, and also shopping centres, etc. for loading and unloading of goods. The height of cargo surfaces in transport vehicles and transport vessels is different from the floor height, so loading works without dock systems would be difficult. The height difference between the loading dock and a truck can be levelled with a dock leveller – this is an indispensable helper in transport logistics.

A dock leveller is a stationary platform, attached to the warehouse floor at one end and adjusted to the transport vehicle’s cargo floor height at the other end. This kind of connection makes it more convenient for lifters to move between the dock and the transport vehicle.

We offer high-quality products from Steril, the world’s leading supplier of dock systems. The product range includes a wide variety of different dock levellers for loading and unloading operations. Steril dock levellers are made to sustain high intensity loading works, and their high-quality materials and design ensure years of worry-free loading works.

Various dock levellers

Our product range includes 4 types of dock levellers:


Ergonomic dock levellers with a moving ramp. This ensures the smoothest connection between the loading dock and the truck.


Dock levellers with a moving ramp. It’s an open ramp with a lifetime guarantee!


Dock levellers with a telescopic ramp. Adjustable ramp length and automatic return adjustment are included as standard features.



Small dock levellers with an open ramp – a flexible solution for small height differences.


All dock levellers comply with the European Directive EN 1398.

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