liugvarav2A sliding gate is a convenient gate system that opens in parallel to the fence, taking much less space than a swinging gate. As the gate opens to the side, more cars can be parked, using the space immediately after the gate; this makes traffic easier in tight spaces. When installing a sliding gate, the reserved travel distance of the gate must be 1.5x the width of the gate opening, i.e. a 3 m gate opening will need 4.5 m of movement space for the gate.

Advantages of sliding gates:

  • A sliding gate fits into tight spaces, taking little space for opening.
  • It’s a suitable solution for ramps.
  • A sliding gate is resistant to wind loads and slight impacts.
  • These sliding gates have secure and strong construction. Its elements can be ordered hot-dip galvanised for improved durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Various materials can be ordered as filler for the gate panel – wooden boarding, metal bars, mesh, etc. Surface finishing can be paint and/or galvanising (for metal).
  • The gates can open manually or with an electric drive. We recommend using an electric drive for convenience, allowing you to stay in the car when opening or closing the gate.

Sliding gate automation

For sliding gate automation, we use high-quality equipment made by Sommer, a renowned German manufacturer. The Gator 400 drive for sliding gates is universal, reliable, simple to use and quick to install.

Technical data for automation:

  • The drive can be installed for gates/doors weighing up to 400 kg.
  • The maximum stroke length is 6,000 mm.
  • The drive’s maximum traction and pushing force is 800 N.
  • Power consumption in standby mode is ~ 2 W.
  • Energy-saving transformer.
  • Available as a separate Gator sliding gate station.

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